If you wish to purchase cattle you will require a PIC (Property Identification Code) which you can obtain from you local LHPA office (Rural Lands Protection Board) Bega or by contacting them on 02 64917800.  The PIC is required to allow the NLIS transfer of cattle to and from your property.


LPA National Vendor Declarations (NVD’s)

As at 1st February 2015 the 2013 Cattle, Sheep and Goat NVD's will be required for Livestock movements. The 2013 edition of the LPA NVD is recognisable by the pre-printed edition number (C0413) located at the top left of the document under the word "Cattle". Please note this edition has been available to producers since December 2013.

You can order your NVD’s with Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) by phoning 1800 683 111 and they will mail a booklet or you can go to the http://lpa.ausmeat.com.au/ website and download the forms to your computer. To order online you will require your PIC Number, User I.D. and Password, which you can get by calling the helpline on 1800 683 111.


NLIS Login  (National Livestock Identification System)

The NLIS login will allow you to keep a check on what cattle you have registered to you PIC.  Click Here to Login


NLIS Devices ( National Livestock Identification System)

You will require a PIC to purchase NLIS devices. The PIC code is printed on the outside of the NLIS device, and must only be applied to cattle on that property. You may order NLIS devices through either your LHPA office (Rural Lands Protection Board) or a farm supply business.

NLIS devices are manufactured in two colours, which signify where the animal was born. The colours are:

1. white – referred to as ‘breeder devices’, and applied to animals that are born on the property (note: white devices can be used to replace lost devices for cattle born on the same property)

2. orange – referred to as ‘post-breeder devices’, and applied to animals not born on the property (note: orange devices can be used to replace lost or damaged devices for cattle introduced to a property). 



If you require someone to bring your cattle to the saleyards on sale day Stewart will assist in organizing this for you.